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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hum Drum

I got a great surprise yesterday. I got tulips in the mail from my coworker Debra. They came with a spring green vase and a stuffed bunny. I love them. I'll post a picture later. I emailed her a big "thank you" and a promise to knit some fine little baby duds for the new family addition. I get to knit baby stuff for the first time! I briefly entertained the idea of knitting a vest for the bunny. Maybe some other day.
Not much going on here at home. Brenden and I went for coffee then ice cream last night. It felt good getting out of he house. We were like to old ladies when it came to driving over bumps. We both ached and moaned over our recent surgery wounds. LOL! I did some paperwork today and I need to fax it. I was going to drive down to Kinko's, but the car wouldn't start. It looks like a dead battery. GEES! I don't need the car for much these days, in fact I probably shouldn't be driving. So you'd think It could at least get me down the street and back? I called Brenden he will fax my stuff for me and fix my battery later this week. Meanwhile I'll continue knitting my green sweater and my tote bag.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Ok, While watching bravo this afternoon, I saw the preview for the show Intervention. And yes this is an entry about knitting. Ok, Intervention is a new reality show. They record the lives of people receiving intervention for things like drug and sex addiction. Heavy HUH! Anyway, not to make light of other peoples serious problems, there's something that been bothering me lately. Finishing my knitting projects in a timely manner. Now, is there an intervention for that sort of problem? I'm actually begging for one.
Self analysis:
Ok granted. I usually put down a project when it becomes a problem. Like I have two scarves in tangles and two sweaters that have hit a very minor snag. But that's all it took for me to put down my green cardigan so close to completion. It was so easy to put it down and pick up something new. Especially since Illanna brought me a new project book for my birthday. She made a cute stripped felted tote of her own design and I want to create one and put it in my new book as the first entry. See, the green cardi can wait. Right?! Oh well. Life's about compromise. So, that's what I'll do. No intervention needed. At least not for sex, drugs or unfinished knitting projects. Yarn buying maybe. UGH! Anyway, tonight I will finish the bottom of the tote bag, then pickup the green sweater and finish the sleeves. That's the plan. I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow.
KIKieeee!! I've been home one day and I'm already going nuts. I want to thank you guys for a wonderful birthday. I tried to get Anthony to try the Nutella. He screwed his face so tight, I thought it would get stuck. It was too funny! MEN! If it ain't steak and potatoes(or Illanna's cookies), they don't want any part of it. LOL! Anyway, I'll meet you poolside as soon as I'm physically able, maybe sooner. **SIGH**
Oh, Illanna, Anthony tore through your cookies like the tasmanian devil. He brought me one and ate two. I kicked him OUT! Can you believe it? He said he couldn't help it, he was listening when I made the comment about real butter. Don't worry, he'll be back. **another SIGH**

Not a cross entry.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kansas City

I'll have to make this a quick one. I'll go into more detail later. I vistited The Studio yarn store in Kansas City Missouri. It was definatley impressive. I'll be back. This is me outside the store and this is what I bought. Trendsetter Shadow Metal, Diakeito,and Plymouth Yarns Dazzlelash. OK, I needed FLASH! I didn't make it to Knit Wit. It was closed on Monday.
My mom loved her knitting kit. It didn't occur to me to take a picture. Maybe I can ask her for one. Night!

Fuji Camera

kodak Camera

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today is my Friday

I start my vacation today then off to Kansas city tomorrow. My family hasn't started spring break yet, so I'll spend my mornings shopping for yarn. I've already noted the address and directions to the nearest LYSs. Coincidently KnitWit is a few miles from my Mom's place. The Yarn shop and more is also in Kansas, a few more miles from KnitWit. It's about a twenty minute drive. There is also a shop in the city that looks pretty good The Studio. None of these have a coffee shop, so I will get some elsewhere. I hope make the sale today at South West Trading Company. I've never been there before. I added a new button in the margin. Check it out!

Monday, March 14, 2005


OK, I got my sidebar working again. That quiz was 600px wide. What blog or journal can handle that? I also added more buttons and links. I wish I know how to embed blogger into my website. So I have to host my own?

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I want to knit this sundress. I already have the pattern. Needful yarns pattern book No.200. Now I need get the yarn. Gelato
Sundress in Gelato

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Damn! What happend to my sidebar? It wrapped?

Friday, March 11, 2005

This week

I've been away from my journals lately. I have a lot put down but I haven't. I had Thursday and today off. It's been a long time since I've had two days in a row off from work. It feels great.
I've been working on my logo and spend a lot more time on my PC, Knitting, cleaning, organizing and I haven't had that "do nothing" moment yet. Oh well.
Here we are knitting at BnN on Wednesday. We had too much fun! I asked a guy to take our picture and the camera flash was off. But then the auto focus is disabled as well. I tried to fix it a little bit. I think we all took nice pictures despite the blurriness. I want another camera!


Fuji Camera

Monday, March 07, 2005


I have visited some very interesting knitting webpages today:

The Yarn Lounge (nice site but links are busted on the links page)
Lambspun(bulky club)
Coats and Clark(sweater pattern)
Mag Knits(t-shirt pattern)
Carolina Homespun(warp board 45bucks?)
Knitting Software Inc.(how much for a whole package? not that I'm buying.)
Kaspareks(cool stamps)
Miss Fitt & Co(cute felted hats)


I wore my new red cowl neck sweater with sleeves that bell below mid-forearm. I received complements and a question. My admirers asked me if I knitted the sweater. I said no but I could have. It got me thinking. The sweater looks as if the yarn could be recycled without too many breaks in yardage. It was a bargain eight dollars at last chance. They had a ton of them in the same color. I will go back this week and buy another one to recycle. This will be fun, especially since the sweater will be new. Can you imagine, unraveling a perfectly new sweater for the yarn? I can. If this sweater was at the thrift store, used, it would cost upwards of twelve dollars!
I will update this post with a pic later :)

Sunday, March 06, 2005


I finally switched my cable programming. I dropped the movie tier, (western, romance and true channels) and added the variety channel. I am a lot happier. I get the BET Jazz channel and drums please! The DIY channel, including the show Knitty Gritty! YAY! I was going to tape my first episode today, but I forgot to set the VCR while watching it. DOH!

Saturday, March 05, 2005


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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Too Familiar?

Here is a knitting journal entry that I found. LYS Rant. MWAH HA HA!

New Fiber

I just received this in the mail. It was an E-bay purchase 5 bucks a skein. The heather yarn is Barlett and the rest is Cascade 220. I'm going to make a new felted tote bag. I don't know what pattern yet. It will come to me.