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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Star Charm Necklace and other encounters

I made this using a Swarovski crystal star, silver ceramic star and pearls on a silver chain. I wanted to use charm on a necklace instead of a bracelet. I've seen designs where the charms are strung directly unto the chain. I like the dangle/Y look. I string the items in groups of threes. It feels completely wrong otherwise. I think it's fung shuish or something. Anyway, I've made a few more with heart and key charms. I'm making another using a cherry charm with a mother of pearl shell fetish bird dangling from it and a crystal butterfly. I think it'll turn out nice.

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I sold three girlie beanies at FirstFridays. People didn't hessitate to take them home. The black and white beanie it the only one that got to come back with me. I hope my beanies will be happy with their new owners. I feel so alone without them. I'm making more of them as fast as I can. I was googleling for the southwest trading company turqouise colored yarn, when I came across Al's picture at an Ebay auction for Karaoke. I couldn't stop laughing! Al, you are too cool! Do you even know this person?