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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Amazing find

I found the pailettes at SAS yesterday. They have a huge variety of sequins. They charge about 25 to 50 cents for a small bag. They also charge my the ounce. I bought as many large hole pailettes as I could find. I am most surprised by the silver trapezoid. I remember looking everywhere for them when I made that dumb granny hat in the SnB book. The buttons are wood and they were 10 cents each. I'm going back for more as soon as I hit the ATM. Cash works best at SAS.
I made these dangle earrings using sterling silver, Thai Silver, glass and crystal. I only had two glass beads. So I can't make another pair. I don't remember where I bought them.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Tears 4 Spheres

Here's another finished Tears 4 Spheres bag. Can you tell Steve's a product of the MTV era or what? Really? This time I casted-on 52sts and added more holes for the drawstring. I'm going to add a handle and carry it as a purse. I learned a few things while making this bag. It opened my mind up to the many ways this pattern formula can be applied to kettle shaped designs. Can you tell it's getting close to Halloween? YAY! "Kettle" Get it? Anyway, I'm frogging the whole Winhara Poncho. I'm going to make my niece a sweater with the yarn. The poncho turned out to be a disaster. Details will be forthcoming in the next post.

Forgive the blurry picture. The auto focus was disabled and I couldn't keep my hand steady. I was going though cheese withdrawal.
Also below is an old picture of me. I can't remember how old I am in this picture. Can you guess? Obviously I was taken by surprise. I recall someone wanted to finish of a roll of film. If that picture was taken today, I could've been a boy with long braids. Let me explain a little more about this picture. The day this was taken, is very important to me. It captured a day I remember being happy. Of course I was happy to be at my grandparents house. I'm sitting at their kitchen table working on puzzles from the kids section of the Saturday paper. I remember it took awhile to get settled, because I had a hard time finding a pencil. Some things never change. I'm wearing a t-shirt my granny brought me from her Vegas vacation. It said,"My grandma went to Vegas and all I................." You know the rest of it. I didn't really like that t-shirt but I am wearing my favorite belt. That belt never needed to be adjusted because by this time, I was growing straight up. I'm wearing new jeans. This was the beginning of my love and appreciation for them. My mom had just started buying them for me. I don't know where the candy cane tube came from. It was nowhere near Christmas. Do you see the voter ID card? I remember being fascinated by it. I've been strangely fascinating with them ever since. So If I ever visit, just leave your voter ID card around and you'll make me instantly happy. To my knowledge "Normal" has never been an adjective used to describe me.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Mini me

Here's my finished Tears 4 Spheres bag. I cast-on 44sts. It's kinda small so I'm making a bigger one using the same yarn. It's easy and fun to knit.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Shout OUT!

I was reading the new issue of "The REP", when I came across an old picture of Illanna, Kim and Brooke knitting at Mama Java's. The caption gives info about SnB and our Yahoo link. Don't be surprised if thrill seekers show up to watch us knit or join us.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

What! What?

Why didn't anyone tell me that Knitty reveled its suprise knitters. Congrats Steve on a fantastic presentation. I enjoy reading the Numbers pattern very much. I hope everyone else feels the same way.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Sock Monkey Slippers
I have this thing about sock monkeys. They scare me. I don't know the reason but they freak me out! The red lips and red butt makes me shiver from my head to my elbows. My reaction to viewing these slippers doesn't require a martini. Maybe because it's a knitted garment. What's a phobia of sock monkeys called? Sock monkey phobia?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Nice Karaoke

Saturday, I finished sewing in the lining for my pencil case. It turned out as planned and I'm happy with it. I used Karaoke Yarn and Brown Sheep. I knitted it in the round, closed the bottom with three needle BO and felted it twice. Now I don't have to hunt for a pen when I need it. On the flight from Kansas City to Phoenix, I started experimenting with fair isle. This is my first attempt at it. I'm using the same Karaoke Yarn from my pencil case, Brown Sheep, Cascade and forest green Serendipity. I don't know what it'll be yet, but I'm leaning towards a bag. Some sort of bag. I'm unraveling the white part to add the forest green. I'm just having fun playing with it.