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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today at work (I'm still here), I became the extra person. I hate being the extra person, because my sups try to find dumb things for me to do. It's as if they think I shouldn't be allowed to do get paid doing nothing. It's not my fault that the schedule overlaps on Tuesday mornings. So thank goodness I brought my scarf project. I surfed the internet looking at local bead stores. Then the firewall failed to keep me from accessing Myspace. I messaged my friend Tina a coupla times. I discovered Victoria's Secrets bra and panty sale. It was another firewall lapse. I also read a few book reviews. By this time coffee was failing me, so I got out my scarf and started knitting it. I got a few rows done before I started falling asleep. I managed to add one stitch and drop another. Big warning! Don't knit at work while falling asleep. I'm spending the last hour of my shift, ribbing the last five inches of rows. *SIGH*