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Sunday, April 03, 2011


silver_tube_2374 by blacklovelythang
silver_tube_2374, a photo by blacklovelythang on Flickr.

This bracelet started out as an ankle bracelet for my mom. I made it for her years ago. It was one of my very first creations. I even used stretchy cord so it will still be comfy when her ankles swell. After a while it started to patina and she didn't like it anymore. I don't know how or when I took it back from her, but I must've been attracted to the patina. Sometimes different sources of silver patina differently, but not this bracelet. The color is very uniform and also delicate. I haven't been able to get this tone with chemicals. I shortened it into a bracelet for one of my guy friends. It was perfect for him because he's not the type of person to wear any sort of adornment, except glasses. He wears plain white tee's without graphics. I just had to make him something. He liked it!

Via Flickr:
Natural patined Sterling Silver tubes and red Czech Glass on stretchy cord.

Mirror Ring

mirror_ring_2686 by blacklovelythang
mirror_ring_2686, a photo by blacklovelythang on Flickr.

I wanted to add a the Rhodolite cabochon, but I'm so out of practice that I couldn't get the bezel soldered on straight. So, I did what comes most natural, I hammered it very constructively. In hind site I wish I'd made the band slightly narrower, but I think the customer will like it anyway.

Via Flickr:
Sterling Silver, hammered ring, with tapered band.