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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Happiness is yarn in the mail. I ordered this from Spritely Goods. I got the package super fast because we're in the same state. I like that. The color is Parrot. I'm planning on making socks with it. I'm trying to finish my other sock project first. I also bought eight balls of novelty yarn from Big Lots. They were one dollar each. I'm using it to make scarves for people who may want to purchase them for Christmas gifts. Hopefully I won't get rushed again this season even though it was fun.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Quartz Wire Ring

This ring is a project from the book Jewelry Making: Tips and Tricks Of The Trade
by Stephen O'Keeffe. The finish isn't as perfect as I'd like. I had to darken the silver so the overall design wouldn't look washed out and flat. I just bought a fine new rotary tool tip that will smooth the lumpy solder mess. Then I'll refinish the dark patina. I'm particularly proud of being able to set an open bezel inside the wire knot.



Green Jade Wrap Ring

This ring was fun to constuct. Making the rough finish was he most difficult part. I made the ball end by melting silver scrap.
This ring is inspired by Debra and Marco.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disorganized and Dusty

I believe in organization and a neat work area. Currently the truth of this statement isn't being practiced. The photo doesn't lie. In defense, I haven't worked at this table in months. It's about to become a place where I can neatly stack those storage containers with the gemstones. The actual work area will be about the size of one table setting. There's a lot of stuff in this room that isn't in the pictures. I have a closet full of yarn, paper and fabric. I also have a shelf full of book in my bedroom.

This is my jewelry worktable. It's MDF and a metal cart that I got at Goodwill for ten dollars. It works for now. I like my caddies and the soldering pan. I'll move it into the garage when it gets cooler. Then I'll set up a real shop. I'll buy another workbench and bolt a vise on top of it. I'll also look into buy a jewelers bench. Yes those are sawed off knitting needles. They are perfect for getting inside ring bands. I have another set for knitting. I also have a big shop fan on top of the counter for ventilation. The white towel isn't hiding anything I don't want you to see. It's covering my bench pin and rotary flex shaft. I'm drying a new project that was just washed. I don't use the kitchen for much cooking. But it's possible. Wine, cheese and raisins don't need cooking anyway.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Delayed Entry

This blog entry is a year late. But I'm ashamed of not sharing, so better late than never. I felted this a very long time ago, back when I wasn't very good at lining bags. In fact, this project was a challenge from the very beginning. What was I thinking? God only knows. It all started when a fellow Stitch-n-bitch attendee, showed me her cute little felted striped bag. It was clutch size without a closure. She said that I didn't need a pattern because it was too easy. I had to knit a rectangle, then pick up the stitches around the rectangle using a circular needle. My first mistake was made by picking up too many stitches. The end result was a disaster of course. Someone even suggested that I should cover it in resin and use it for a rowboat. Yep, you know who you are Funny man. Anyway, I finally got the dammed thing knitted correctly, felted, blocked and I'd done a fair job of it. Later, I added the the funny lining and made the straps from one of my belts. One day ,at my house, Hannah noticed it and liked it. So, I gave it to her for her 16th birthday. She was gracious enough to model it for me.

That's my pocket from an old pair of jeans. I used it because it was already reinforced with it's own backing.

Hannah asked me to make this scarf as a Christmas gift for her mom. Yep. That's Brown Sheep bulky and look at those nice poms. I used my brand new pom pon maker. It's one of my most valued tools and for a good reason. Believe me.

Hannah and her mom loved the scarf. I felt warm inside. I knitted a few gift items for Hannah last Christmas. I improved my skills in the process. It was a good thing.

Thrift store find for a dollar. Vintage Boye needle set.

It's in great condition. Only the middle length cord is missing. I'm always on the lookout for yarn and stuff but this was still a lucky find. I haven't used them yet but I'm happy to have them when I need it.

Baby Bolero from One Skein. I made this for a coworker and her new baby girl. She pulled my name from the Secret Santa drawing and bought me he book. She was surprised to get the sweater. I just knew she was looked threw the book and wondered if I'd knit anything for little Sophia. But really, she'd never even thought about it. Again, I felt a warm inside :)

Go Bears!

Oh well they lost. But Anna, my coworker, was stylin' anyway. I like this scarf it was fun to make. To bad it didn't come with a drop of luck.

I used Brown Sheep Bulky and Lion Brand.