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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dog Gone

Sunday, I made the mistake of leaving my dishcloth pattern on the coffee table. Abby the Terrier got to it and chewed it into tiny unreadable bits! She only half ruined my paper with the row counts. I was able to salvage that. Oh well it was my fault. She got a bedtime treat anyway.
I was able to log onto the Lily website, signup under a free membership and download and copy of the pattern. I finished the dishcloth last night. I'm starting dishcloth number four.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I visited LusciousGracious today. I needed an evocation of feeling. I know art is many things but isn't emotion a by-product of art? Maybe like a catalyst. Even if I don't get it, I feel something anyway. It's made by human beings in the act of expression. I am grateful for the artist in my life. I am privileged to know them.

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I got the idea from my knitting partner. In the past, I thought knitting washclothes were a waste of knitting time and talet. I was a snob and I was wrong. They are quick and easy to create. You can use very inexspensive cotton yarn. They make great gifts. Just make a few to provide a fun distraction from your other complicated works in progress. I'll give these washcloths away as gifts. I used a free pattern from LILY's Sugar N' Cream. They have over ninety colors. The patterns are available at the website (with free membership) or on the sleeve.

Wash Cloth