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Saturday, October 23, 2004


I have medicine head from overdosing on Nyquil last night. Thursday I felt myself coming down with a cold, so on the way home I stopped and pick up Nyquil. It worked. It got rid of my sore throat and body chills. But I have medicine head. All I want to do now is sleep. Too bad I'm at work.
I haven't added the buckle to my belt yet. Maybe I'll do that after work today. I was debating on hand sewing or machine. Machine will do nicely. I will get a nice line like other belts.
All of my other projects are coming along nicely.
I got my yarn yesterday from Serendipity. It's really nice. You won't believe the colors. I also got my Boye needle set. I don't know if I like them. I should've kept the package they came in just in case I didn't like them. I could put them up for auction on Ebay. I think I like the Denise needle set better anyway. Ebay seems to have competitive prices for Denise and Boye. We will see.
What I really need is a DPN set. I finally took a picture of my finished scarf. I am proud of this scarf. I was able to construct it quickly without any errors. I am satisfied with its design. Good, it stays. It took about 75 yards of yarn. I used Red Heart Classic in black. And Joann's brand eyelash in plum? Joann's eyelash comes only in a few colors.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Funny. It doesn't feel like TGIF

I had a good time (as usual) at the SnB meeting last night. I wish that I could have stayed longer. I was glad that Brooke's mom was there she gave me a few pointers on beginning a quilt. I was so pleasantly surprised. I probably should have pulled out my pen and took notes but I was in shock and awe. Everything she gave me made sense, so I doubt that I will forget it. But in the off chance that I will forget, I will just write it down here. She told me to be mindful of my seam allowances so my quilt squares will be even. I should press all of my seams toward the same square color, which means pressing them inward. I should only cut a few squares at a time, just in case I make a mistake on the size. This will prevent wasting material. But she stressed the importance of gauging the exact seam allowance for every square. She even suggested basting the squares together before machine sewing. She was very helpful. I am very grateful.
Yesterday Shannon Let me use her car. It helped a lot. I was able to get to the SnB meeting in a timely fashion. I'm very short on time these days. I was frustrated yesterday because Joann's didn't have the double d-rings for my belt. They had the wrong size and the wrong tone. It was a relief that Judy had just seen double d-rings at Michael's. I was just there before the SnB meeting and never thought to look for them. I just assumed Joann's would have them. I went by Michael's after the meetings and sure-nuf they were there, just the ones I needed. I am happy. I can finish my belt now. HEHE!
Back to work now.

Monday, October 18, 2004

OK...... I guess

I woke up this morning without much difficulty. I was able to take my time getting ready for work, but I still managed to put my underwear on inside out. I've decided to unravel the shrug. I will make it wider and shorter in ST st. I will need to decorate the edges. I am still thinking of a crochet edge along the neckline. I can't wait to undo it. I finished the Embrace scarf. I also finish and eylash scarf. It's a deep purple knitted with black worsted weight yarn. It turned out great. I will add a pic later. Here is the Embrace scarf modeled by me.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Whoa Nelly!

I just spent a lot of money today on yarn. I have spent about one hundred dollars on ebay. I will probably spend about thirty more. It will probably be enough for awhile. I think(Shrugs). I'm starting to wonder about my sanity. I have never spent so much money on any other hobby. I haven't gone shoe shopping although I really need a few pairs. I haven't made one purchase toward beefing up my fall wardrobe. I am having money withdrawn from my pay going towards savings. Thank goodness for that. But, I could use a little more going into my 401k. Sigh! I'm not done yet. This is probably the nail in my insanity coffin. I gave Shannon my Visa, so she could pick up more yarn for me today. What was I thinking? Well, I just hope she doesn't call me and give me the play by play at the yarn store. I'll be in real trouble if she uses the camera phone. Sigh! It's OK. I'll be alright. I just won't eat next week. I be too busy knitting to eat anyway!


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I like this image better. I am using my own bandwidth at least.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

fth! fth!

I went to Phoenix Knitting and Needlepoint yesterday. I didn't know it closed so early. I was helping Sandra find yarn for her beginners project. We ended up at Joann's. They have a sparse collection. Empty handed and on the way out, we passed a yarn rack outside of the aisle. It just happened to be Joann's own yarn label. I was surprised. It's called Joann's Sensations. It's not bad. I found a nice plum eyelash and Sandra found a coupla bundles. We are making scarves.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Last night on the way home from work, I re-read The Kitchener Stitch part in the SnB book. It says "when a pattern tells you to bind off your pieces, don't do it. Instead, put them on a stitch holder so you can graft them later." Well, I should have followed this advice when I made my Embrace Scarf. I did a horrible job joining the seams together trying to mattress stitch. Thank goodness the nubby yarn hides my bad stitches. I will not bind off a seam ever again. I will use the three-needle method to join seams together. It just makes more sense.

Monday, October 11, 2004


I finally decided on my quilt pattern. It's going to be a snowball n' nine photo memory quilt. I cut the templates out already. I need to cut the clothes, sort the pieces and buy coordinating quilt fabric. In that order.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


I just bought the capelet pattern from NeedFul Yarns. I had to call Canada (toll free) and order direct. I also ordered a patternbook. They have a pattern that will need a special striping cotton yarn. I might have to pickup another overtime shift so I can afford the yarn. It should arrive next week. Canada has Thanksgiving Holiday next week so I hope it doesn't get here to late. I can't wait.

Capelet Galore

So many patterns, so little time. I wanna! I wanna! I wanna!

More capelet patterns: Knit Capelet with Crochet Trim (I gotta learn to crochet),
Round the Capelet, Needful Yarns Capelet

Where do I start?


I was thing about the caplet Valerie brought to the sNb meet on Monday. What if you use a poncho pattern and crop it? I have a poncho pattern on my project list. It should be easy to convert it to a capelet. Openwork Knit Poncho
Or maybe I will just look for a lacy caplet pattern. DUH!
OK, I have a better idea. Here is a lacy capelet pattern. I love this website. The projects are fun and easy to do. The example Valerie showed me had bigger holes and the yarn was fuzzy aran weight wool, but it's still less complicated than modifying a poncho pattern. I will keep looking.

Hum Drum

I wish I had my knitting in my hand right now. I am work but, I'd rather be knitting. Well I can at least shop online for yarn. YaY!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Tube Shrug

(Singing"Somewhere yarno ver the rain-bow I am Done!")

I like it , but not on me. My shoulders are too broad. It makes me look fat or should I say wide? I think it's the fold-over. The "doubled-ness" adds bulk. I tried to adjust the look by unrolling the fold-over. I looks better this way. But if I were to wear it without the fold-over, it would need a little embellishments around the top opening. HMnn.........Maybe a crochet ruffle in a contrasting texture and color?

Embrace Scarf

My scarf was not going well when these pictures where snapped. The pattern called for stockinette but I didn't like how it curled around the edges. So I stared over using garter stitch. It looks a lot better.
Now it's almost finished. I will post the final product tomorrow.

Stockinette and Garter


I have been trying to blog all morning. I can't save template changes or comment on other blogs. This probably won't post either. SHOOT!


I am trying to save the template changes to my blog, but it won't load. I can't comment on anyone else's blog either. I guess that I should updated my own blog. SHOOT!