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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My New Bag

GUESS by Marciano Gelato Large Hobo

I finally found a casual bag that's big enough to carry all of my stuff. I mean ALL of the things that I can't seem to leave home without. I bought it in the Guess Boutigue at the mall. It had to be fate. Guess clothing and handbags are not my style. I'm not a fan of stores that sell items that won't allow me to wear undergarments like a bra and lycra slimmer. Their handbags are usually too fantastic with monograms and large reflective metal logo plates. Yeah, I know this Gelato bag has a big shiny metal plate. I used its reflection to apply my lipgloss. But what I'm trying to say is that, dispite my objections, this bag still called to me. I'm a handbag Diva. Holla!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Socks

The two little cream puffs have arrived. I'd show you a photo of my new twin neice and nephew, if I had one. I ashamed to tell you that I haven't started the baby socks. The baby sweaters will be finished by the time the temperature drops in KC. I'm also ashamed to tell you that I hate to use my pretty yarn from The socks will get ruined or lost. My brother and sister-in-law don't really have a lot of nice things and they wouldn't take care of a nice sweater if they had one. Some how I have to get over it because 1. I'm tired of being ashamed, and 2. I don't have anything else to knit with at this moment. Bird of Paradise

Here's the new baby sock project bag. I love it!

Cat Bordhi socks knitted in Brown Sheep superwash worsted. I forgot the color. My tention is wacky, but I haven't blocked them yet.

Weekend Knitting toddler hat