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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vroom! Ach Ach! Hairball

A knitted Ferrari was shown at the London Car show and that's the gal that did it. Can you see the seems? I can't imagine patterning this without a computer. I hate sewing pieces together. Maybe I wouldn't be so bad if I was as good as Lauren here. Gees! I found this link to an article on another blog.

This is my 4-wool drive

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Goodwill Hat

I made this hat useing yarns that I got from Goodwill. It came in a bag of mixed acrylic balls. I also added a few rows of Dale of Norway. It was to much fun to make. I'll make another mixed color hat for myself soon. This one makes me look like a Conehead.

Slinky Cut-out Tank

Amimono Slinky tank
I really like Plymouth yarns but Wildflowers is hard to knit. The fibers split and create ratty loops. I have to stop and fix it. So it's no wonder that this tank is slow going. I rib for about 13 inches. I'm not used to Addi's chrome yet either. I can really get going if I sit in a quiet room and concentrate. If I'm undisturbed, "disturbed" being relative, then I can fall into a trance. Yeah, a trance. I get a few rows done this way. I feel positively refreshed and productive afterward. Then hungry in that order. Kidding! I'm always hungry.

I haven't blogged in like forever!

I've been working on a lot of jewelry making. I upload as many pics as I can. I store them at Photobucket. I knit every chance that I get, but I'm slow to finish anything. I completed the Ipod cozy. I used Noro and a pattern from Grumperina. I read somewhere that another knitter used the Grumperina pattern but added a back pocket. I added a pocket too. It's slighty crocked but sturdy. I used a pack of Bubbalicous to keep the shape. I don't own an Ipod. I cut a piece of shower curtain liner for the protective cover. The plastic, as expected, gave me problems. I changed the presser foot on my sewing machine to reduce the friction between the plastic and the face plate. I used brass buttons and an adjustable strap.