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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ski Hats

I haven't been on the bench since last months Iolite bracelet. I've been getting myself organized for school, which opened January 12th. I haven't stopped knitting. Mainly because it calms me and helps me focus. The Scrappy hat was originally for my nephew's Ricky's birthday, but I made it too big and had to start a new one. It's a fun, quick and easy pattern. My challenge was of course the sizing, but also the color arrangement and fiber care. Ricky's mom doesn't have time to hand wash, so I was lucky to have a large stash of different color Mission Falls 1824 superwash. It's perfect for this pattern.

Adult size

Kid size

I don't know which color to choose for the pom pon yet. And yes, the outside Christmas decorations are still up, but all put away on the inside.