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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Relations Ring

I made the ring as a request from a new coworker. He and his girl are new to Etihad and Abu Dhabi. He needed a birthday gift for her and he was already late in coming up with anything. I told him he should be ashamed of himself. The fact that I was admonishing a future customer didn't bother me one bit. Charlotte just looked up at him with fond admiration like it was cute. I gave up picking on him and got down to business. I had an idea of what she would like and so he trusted me with the design details. I brought my ring sizer to work and asked Charlotte to find her size. She was excited to do it but was a little confused with the tool. So (as a joke) I told her to place her hand on a piece of paper and draw around her fingers, notating each ring size. She did it with enthusiasm and even drew the left hand on the back of the paper. It was so funny that I kept the paper. I think I'll give it to her boyfriend as a gift and future reference. The rings are called Relations as in, "I didn't have relations with that woman." Just kidding! Really, these five rings are seriously hammered. I used masking tape to keep them together as I turned the mandrel. The tape gave it a pitted texture that I liked immediately. Relationships can sometimes be smooth and rough. **SHRUGS**

Please forgive unimaginative pictures. I was in a hurry.