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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lookie Lookie

I visited Illanna's Blog (all links open into a new window) and viewed her new background design. It's really cute. I browsed the designer's website and I liked just about everything. I'm adding one of his t-shirt's to my wishlist. I want this one called Thinking. It's cute huh?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Flowers

I used and modified the flower pattern in the Knit 1 magazine. I used Plymouth Encoure.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Target's "Knit This" Knitting Kit Review

Here is Kiki's unedited review.

Ok, so the knit kit was cheesy. I took it back today. I really, really liked the yarn, but there were NO KNITTING NEEDLES. It was a crochet kit. And nowhere, nowhere at all on the box, did it say "Learn to Crochet". And the dvd was ONLY about knitting. There was a little blurb of specific written directions tacked onto the learn-to-knit pamphlet (which was tucked clear down inside the box) for this particular project that basically just said "crochet the belt". How disheartening for someone who really wanted to learn to knit. They have the yarn, and the book, and sit down with the DVD, ready to go, and think "Why is she using TWO sticks? I only have one, and it is funny looking....."
Also, I think that, judging by the host and the models, they are really appealing to small town Minnesota Future Homemakers of America teen girls. Overweight with acne and longing for something to fill the hopechest Daddy made them. I guess that knitting is no longer hip. The host actually wears (I am shuddering just thinking about it) black stonewashed jeans. And her makeup, which is quite thick, is the same color as her face. Like the no-makeup look, with all of the hassle of using quite a lot of product. Same for the nails. Band-aid colored.
I will say that the instructions on the actual DVD were VERY good and thorough. I found myself slipping into a coma, as she repeated everything again and again, and in slow motion. Like Teletubbies. "Tinky Winky, again, again!!!" And the basics were all covered, except for any mention of crochet at all. It was a little bizarre. And you got to see her pale fleshy fingernails from so many angles, to make sure you really learned to knit by watching another person, which is helpful to many, many newcomers to the practice. What else would help? Actual knitting needles.
It would be like buying a "LEARN TO SCULPT" project, being attracted by what you saw on the box, and then getting it home to find that the kit contained the clay, but a paintbrush to use instead of a chisel.
That is my review. Feel free to post it on your blog. And warn others of the singular evil that is "KNIT THIS!" learn-to-knit kits. I am a little sad that Target, my favorite place in the world, would let something like this slip into the store. I think that to make it up to all knitters, but especially to me personally, they should produce and sell their own lines of high-end yarns in luxury fibers and great Target colors at their awesome prices. I would take a huge $10 ball of Japanese handpainted wool or Irish laceweight with a snappy yarn band featuring beautiful jet-setting young people wearing original designs (free on the ball band, of course). And they should carry Addi's at 20% discount. Hey, I am not unreasonable.

shake it up!

I agree with Kiki. I bought the Knit This Wine Cozy Kit. The price is right. It is much less expensive than the overpriced Lion brand scarves and hats kits, which cost around $19.99. Target's Knit This kit starts at $9.99 to $15.99 for a variety of projects like bikinis and belts. I really liked the yarn. My kit came with a set of four, size ten, unfinished bamboo DPN's. I was very disappointed with the condition of the needles. The tips were flushed! Yep, that's right. The tips were not rounded. They were flat, blunted and utterly useless. Who, at Target, came up with this poorly constructed kit? Any person who crosses their heart with knitting needles would not have allowed this kit to be put on shelves as is. Target single handedly created frustrated first time knitters. Now, we fellow Stitch N' Bitchers, have to pick up the pieces, and be the shoulder to cry on for all of the first time knitters, that were led astray by Target. GEES!

After that I need a Martini. Thank goodness I found this tumbler set for one buck a peice. Isn't it cute? Target's .99 cent bin is great! The shot glass is freezeable.