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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Collared Sleeveless Sweater Vest

I should really try and make this again. It would look good with my new Gap skinny jeans. I could even accessorize it with a handmade silver stick pin or with long necklaces, that fit under the collar. I just have to remember which magazine had this pattern.

Flirt Charm Necklace

I had an open ring blank in my metal stash and wanted to make a charm necklace. I wanted to include a stamped word charm. The word, "FLIRT" is always a good choice of words to stamp. I also wanted to be tough so I stamped the next charm with the word, "MAFIA." I've been playing around with recycled gold for a while and I wanted to add some of it here. It was easy to incorporate. I gave it a little texture and used a little blackener for contrast. The chain isn't long at sixteen inches. I'm not sure I like the gauge. I may swap it out for a thinner link. I used Paua Shell Fetish carved birds and Tourmaline rough cut.